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What are the simple things that matter?

Can everyone
learn to be
successful in love?


How can you melt someone's heart?



Listen to the Interview with
Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz
America's Favorite Love and Marriage Experts

on the Nationally Syndicated
Bob and Sheri Show
with Host Bob Lacey
August 6th


About the Bob and Sheri Show
Host Bob Lacey
Schmitz interview on the Bob and Sheri Show with Bob Lacey

In 1986, he received an Iris Award for Best Produced Local Television Feature in the Nation for a piece on the horrors of prom night. The award is one of many Bob has received for both his broadcasting and community service.

Bob returned to radio in 1990 the Bob & Sheri was born and, a decade later, their raucous, real-life humor is delighting listeners in more than 60 markets around the U.S.

Bob Lacey is the father of five beautiful children. When he's not sparring on the air with Sheri, he's on the golf course or carpooling to soccer practice. But make no mistake: this suburban cowboy still remembers what it's like to jam with The Doors.