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How Will I Know I Am In Love?

In our many interviews with people “in love” we ask them, perhaps, the most revealing question of the interview – “How will I know I am in love?” We have heard very consistent answers. While we have heard a number of answers to our “How do you know you are in love” question, we can place them in seven categories. And, perhaps surprisingly, they have stayed the same over our 35 years of research on couples in love.

To learn about these seven categories and see if you are really in love read
How Will I Know I Am In Love? or watch the YouTube video.


Up in the Air: The Five Steps in the Journey to Commitment

Falling in love with another human being is easy, but making a commitment to love them forever is “up in the air” for many people. We like the term “up in the air” for a whole bunch of reasons, primarily because it aptly describes the struggles so many folks go through when it comes to making a commitment to love somebody for a lifetime.

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How Important Is Sex To A Marriage?

For starters, we all know that good sex can be fun, romantic, exciting, and something that makes most consenting adults feel warm and fuzzy all over. Over the years we have interviewed thousands of successfully married couples, and most report a reasonable degree of satisfaction with their sex life. But here is our most important research finding concerning this issue – no marriage was ever saved or made successful because the couple had a great sex life!

And more importantly, when we ask successfully married couples how important sex is to the success of their marriage – to rank on a scale of 1-10 with 10 high – the average rank was only 6! This finding has held true over the 35 years of our research. The results are hardly a resounding endorsement for the importance of sex in a successful marriage.

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