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America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts interview on ABC 7 News with Kevin Roy

Marilu Henner Interview Love And Marriage Experts

WOR Radio interview with the Love and Marriage Experts on the Joey Reynolds Show

Lifestyle Magazine Show interview with Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

Love and Marriage Experts Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz interview on WGN Morning News

Love and Marriage Experts interview on NBC 10 Philadelphia

Interview with Love nd Marriage Experts on Straight Talk WSTXMarriage advice from America's Love and Marriage Experts on the Marcus and Lisa Show on FamilyNet Television

The Doctors are extremely flexible and enjoy fielding all types of questions from show hosts and their live audiences. We have put together some possible starter questions to assist you with your show preparation.

Possible General Questions:
1. I understand that you have done more than 30 years of research about successful marriage on all seven continents of the world. Can you tell us a little bit about your work?
2. How did you get interested in interviewing all those thousands of couples?
3. Are successful marriages the same around the world?
4. What are the three most important things you have learned that can help couples understand what it takes to have lasting love for a lifetime?
5. What are some examples of the simple things?
6. How can a person know when they are really in love and ready to get married?
7. What can a couple do to improve their chances of having a happy marriage?
8. Is sex the most important part of a great marriage? or Can good sex save your marriage?
9. Can a marriage recover from infidelity?
10. I’ve taken your marriage quiz on your website. How did you develop it?
11. How important is trust and how will he or she know they can trust the one they are about to marry?
12. We see so many young couples planning every detail of their wedding, but forgetting to plan for the rest of their lives together. How can they learn how to “get it right the first time around?”

Possible Questions About Love in Tough Economic Times:
1. From all of these interviews, what tips can you tell us about how to keep your love alive and well in these tough economic times?
2. Are these the same actions that couples should take in good times or in bad times?
3. How can couples understand what it takes to have lasting love for a lifetime in these tough times?

Download Possible Questions About Dating and First Marriages

Download Possible Questions About Marriages In Stress

Download Possible Questions About Love the Second Time Around