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Change the perception - Change the reality!

What is the St. Louis World Class City Group?

Why the politicians keep getting it wrong?

Why is St. Louis a World Class City?

Our regional identity - We are St. Louis!

Promoting St. Louis is in everyone's best interest.

Listen to the Interview with
Dr. Charles D. Schmitz

on KTRS - St. Louis, Missouri
McGraw Milhaven Show

St. Louis is a World Class City!

2nd - Most Affordable Large Metropolitan Area in the Country

6th - Lowest Median Home Price
Among America's 40 Largest Metropolitan Areas

7th - St. Louis Region Ranks 7th as a location for
Fortune 500 and 1000 companies

15th - Best City for Young Professionals

18th - Most Populated Metropolitan Statistical Area
in the USA with nearly 3 million people

About the
World Class City Group:

A group of ordinary St. Louis citizens engaged in a grass roots effort to promote St. Louis as a World Class City

Dr. Charles D. Schmitz KTRS World Class City St. Louis
Dr. Charles D. Schmitz