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Five Tips to Strengthen Communication in Your Marriage

The “heart of the matter” is this – successfully married couples report a high level of satisfaction with the way they communicate. They talk about everything and anything with each other—there are “No Sacred Cows.” Great couples attribute their marital success first and foremost to the fact that they have honed their communication skills over time.

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Five Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Spouse

Just as important as saying the right thing to the one you love is to avoid saying statements that have the potential to destroy the foundation of the relationship. Saying just one wrong thing can negate an entire day of good statements and actions. Negative and hurtful statements can have the power to cut through the very fabric of the bond between two people in love.

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Caring for Aging Parents Can Stress Your Marriage

We are “baby-boomers.” Like some 80 million Americans, we were born during the period 1946-1964. We are that generation of Americans born to what former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw called, “The Greatest Generation.” Our parents survived the Great Depression, won the Second World War, and by most accounts, saved the world and preserved democracy in a post-war era.

There is no doubt; the free world owes a great debt of gratitude to the Greatest Generation. Frankly, it is hard to imagine where we would be without their sacrifices and their contributions to the creation of modern day America – to the creation of world we live in today. We owe our parents a lot; there is no doubt about that.

As we write this article for you today, we are fully cognizant that the parents of the baby-boomers are dying by the hundreds everyday. People get old and they die. There is nothing mysterious going on here. The realities of life tell us that the inevitable is lurking on the horizon. But the good news, our parents are living longer and longer. We get to have them around for a greater portion of our lives than our parents had of their parents.

Having aging parents who might live into their 80’s and 90’s (and beyond) can, however, bring a whole new set of challenges to your own marriage. For tips to deal with the challenges of caring faor aging parents read Caring for Aging Parents Can Stress Your Marriage.

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